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My name is Ricardo Oliveira, I am 51 years old and I am the father of 3 beautiful children: Zé, Beatriz and Maíra.
I'm a businessman connected to the nautical activity, I've done a thousand and one things in my life and I've never been a person to download  the arms nor to give up despite the fact that at 45 years old life has given me a very unpleasant surprise  that made me momentarily lose my bearings – I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.  


Since then my life has never been the same!


Those who know me are well aware of the adventures I've lived, the paths I've traveled, the seas that  I've sailed and the thousands of friends I've made over all these years but this time the enemy is STRONG, it's HARD, it's RIGID, it's really SCARY... but I didn't give up and I won't give up.
pursue my goals  and my dreams!

My friends called me crazy because of the different ideas I always had. However, I always lived the life I wanted. I've always fought to be what I wanted, how I wanted to be and to be the best at what I did. I was never a follower, I never felt part of a  Flock of sheeps.


Some people, after learning about my illness, moved away, but if that happened it was because they were not and could not be  considered my true friends. While some got out of my way, out of my life, I am convinced that many  others will join me in this project, in this dream where everyone is welcome!

It was not lightly that I shared my illness and my condition with those I love the most and who love me so much! At first,  I confess, I was very worried and fearful but only after reading a lot about the disease did I understand that I could continue to live  well, as long as they are always (well) medicated, with a healthy diet and regular physical exercise. In short,  what any of us, sick or healthy, needs to have as guidance in our day-to-day.

I also realized that it wasn't a sentence but a warning to tune the sails of my boat which is the LIFE I've always lived... It was  I had the privilege of meeting Professor Joaquim Ferreira (Director of CNS – Senior Neurological Center), through  from my GREAT FRIEND Greg (Thanks Greg!).

Consultation after consultation, Dr. Joaquim and I had the following idea:

“Since I, Ricardo Oliveira, am a carrier of the disease, why not fight  for a cause and make it my cause and my struggle?”.

And thus, the “Volta ao Mundo de Auto-caravan (Trip of an inverted setback)” was born, with the aim of spreading and disseminating
around the world more information about Parkinson's disease and at the same time show a little bit of my country, my
land all over the world!

This text is a little of the story of my life, but, more important than everything you read above, is to live your life  to the maximum, live day after day with joy, give thanks for all that good happens to you throughout your days!



Always remember:

Life is Beautiful,

never let her get away from you!

We have to be strong!





  • Because life doesn't end with a diagnosis.

  • Because we can't give up on that diagnosis.

  • Because we must fight against and value the gift of life.

  • Because setbacks do not define us.

  • Because we are able to go as far as we want.

  • Because we must follow our dreams.

  • Because we can all contribute to CHANGING MENTALITIES and BEHAVIORS, as well as AWAKENING CONSCIENCES, and contributing to the HAPPINESS and WELL-BEING of our fellow human beings.

  • Publicize Parkinson's disease.

  • Promote early diagnoses.

  • Raise awareness of the disease.

  • Raise funds for studies and new treatments.

  • Assist in treatment of needy patients.

  • Promote life experiences that improve the self-esteem and quality of life of patients with Parkinson's disease.



  • Travel by motorhome around the world.

  • Take, on this trip, anyone who wants to support the cause.

  • Create a logbook, with a book launch at the end of the adventure, based on a real testimony of a person with the disease.

  • Create an association/foundation that allows other people with Parkinson's disease, or other neurological diseases, unique life experiences.




Thanks for submitting!

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